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Helight Kidzzz

😴 Fall Asleep Faster, Better and Deeper

Ever wake up at 3am and can't get back to sleep? We got you. Our device is designed to enhance sleep quality and help falling asleep.

❤️‍🩹 100% Safe and Natural
Our device helps promote natural melatonin production. No chemicals, nothing ingested - just 100% natural sleep.

🌍 Portable and travel friendly

Rechargeable and battery operated, so you can use over and over again. No subscription required. Easily fits into your carry on to fight off jet lag.

🔴 Pure Sleep Enhancing Red Light at 630nm
Inspired by NASA and is the fruit of 3 years of R&D done with sleep scientists. Patented & Award Winning
⭐️ Trusted by 50,000+ and Professional Athletes
Used by Premier League, MLS, MLB, NHL and FIFA world cup teams.

🛠️ 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Did something go wrong? Just contact us and we will fix it.

Try it for 30 Nights - Money Back Guarantee

FREE and fast shipping from the USA 🇺🇸

100% Safe & NO Side Effects

Improve your sleep quality in a completely natural way.

The Science

Helight's patented protocol is based on the most recent studies suggesting red light has a possibility of inducing potent sleep, its possibility of acting as a nightcap and its potential effect on melatonin.

Inspired By NASA

NASA's studies and experiments on sleep is what inspired the development of our sleep aid device. More recently, a new lighting system for the ISS was installed [BBC, Harvard Medicine, SPACE.com, Scientific American] in an effort to mimic the natural phases of sunlight (blue in the morning, white during the day and red in the evening).


Helight Sleep is the fruit of 3 years of research and development done in collaboration with engineers, sleep disorder expert Dr. Claude Gronfier, medical physicist Ph.D Olivier Caselles and a committee of cognitive scientists. This painstaking work culminated in the right combination of wavelength, timing, diffusion and intensity which makes this patent device so effective.





  • Wavelength: 630 nanometers pure red light (+/- 5nm)
  • Timing:Calculated and tested protocol of 28 minutes total : full intensity for 14 minutes, then fades out over 14 minutes.
  • Diffusion: Studied lens curve and diffusion to create enveloping light, avoiding single point source.
  • Intensity: Just enough to be perceived through your eyelids. Engineered to be below 400 microW/cm2 at 50cm from the eyes.
  • Battery capacity: Autonomy of 28 cycles
  • Charging: Micro USB (cable included)
  • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty included