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Better Sleep at Your Fingertips™

To use, simply turn on the device before getting into bed. The device will automatically power down at the end of its scientifically engineered patented protocol.

Turn on

Helight Sleep emits pure red light at a wavelength of 630 nanometers for 14 minutes, then gradually fades out.

For best results use every night.

Results may vary. Although some people might feel the benefits from the first few nights of use, some may take up to 21 days to adapt and regulate their sleep.


"The red wavelength of light has the most beneficial effect on your sleep. I love the Helight in particular because not only does it allows you immerse yourself in the right red wavelength of light to help naturally fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and improve your sleep quality, but it does so in a way that's simple, practical and easy to implement into your current routine. As of someone who does a lot of traveling, I love that it's portable. I can use it as I'm away to sleep better and it helps me to recover more quickly from jet lag."

- Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell

board certified physician and sleep expert

I would have to say I fall asleep quickly and have fewer evening interruptions of sleep.

Leonard Zaichkowsky, Ph.D Professor, Boston University (retired), Performance Consultant

Red light has definitely been working on me.

Arthur J. Ting, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

The device has changed my life when it comes to sleep. With the help of a smart ring, I have been able to objectively measure an improvement in deep sleep.

Karam Al Hamdani, Head Athletic Therapist

Official supplier of

Compatible with the best sleep tracking device

"This Tiny Sleep Tool Belongs On Every Nightstand (& The Proof Is In My Oura Scores)"

- Mind Body Green, Dec. 2023

award winning

A panel of experts have evaluated Helight Sleep and awarded it the prestigious Top Santé 2022 (Top Health) Award in France. More recently, Helight Sleep won the 2023 SLEEP AWARD.

The device is trusted by professional athletes ranging from the Olympics to the major leagues including teams in the NHL, MLB, MLS, Premier League as well as the FIFA world cup.


Researchers have turned their attention to the effects of red light therapy. Research has shown that exposure to specific wavelengths of light can significantly influence our internal sleep-wake cycles.  

After 3 years of research & development with a team of experts, we developed an unprecedented, patented protocol that aims to enhance sleep quality and revolutionizes the role of red light in sleep. Results may vary. Although some people need about 21 days to adapt and regulate their sleep, you may feel positive effects from the first week or night.

Light & Sleep

Light exposure plays a vital role in regulating our bodies and minds. Throughout history, humans synchronized their sleep patterns with nature, rising at dawn and retiring right after sunset. However, modern lifestyles and the advent of electric light have disrupted our natural sleep-wake rhythms, leading to various sleep-related problems.


Photobiomodulation, allows the cell to transform high powered red light into energy and provide a wide range of benefits. However, at lower intensity, red light, which is warm and reminiscent of the sunset, signals the body it's time to sleep. Unlike a red light bulb, this red light has to be of a specific wavelength and precisely calibrated.

Give Sleep a Chance™


Inspired by NASA

Helight's patented protocol is based on the most recent studies suggesting red light has a possibility of inducing potent sleep and its possibility of acting as a nightcap.

A study on the effect of photobiomodulation as well as NASA's studies and experiments on sleep inspired the development of our sleep aid device. More recently, a new lighting system for the ISS was installed [BBC, Harvard Medicine] in an effort to mimic the natural phases of sunlight (blue in the morning, white during the day and red in the evening).

Hear How Helight® Sleep

Enhances Sleep Quality

Very please to say this works for me. The science says it should, but I was sceptical until I...

Karel S.  

I received this light as a Christmas present, I got used to it quickly and it is part of my...

Martin L.  

I finally sleep..! I've been using this system for 2 weeks now, and already I'm having better...

Edith G.  

I am more than satisfied and delighted. I fall asleep in less than 5 minutes, the quality of my...

Alessandra L.  

Tested and definitely adopted! I have a nearly 7-year-old autistic son who has always suffered...

Audrey I.  

I bought Helight for my elderly father, and I feel like it's working!

Eliane J.  

Tested and approved! My 8-year-old son, who has had difficulty falling asleep since he was 3...


Helight Sleep has become our bedtime comfort item. For my daughters and me, it's our go-to after...

Pierrick A.  

Helight Sleep
Helight Sleep
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