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Helight™ Sleep
Fall asleep faster, sleep better

Helight ™ Sleep uses a specially calibrated red light to help you fall asleep, simply and naturally.
80% of our users recommend it *.

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Helight™ Sleep

Promotes falling asleep

Helight™ Sleep

Gradually goes out like the setting sun

Helight™ Sleep

Reconnect the body to the natural signal of falling asleep

Helight™ Sleep

Allows a deeper and more restful sleep

Helight™ Sleep

We don’t take your sleep lightly

If sleep is an important and serious subject to you, you really have come to the right place.

The result

  • 36% of French people say they suffer from sleep disorders.
  • Three-quarters of us wake up at least once a night.
  • According to the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), sleep disorders have even increased in recent decades.
  • We spend 90% of our waking time indoors and under artificial light.

The consequences?

A shift in our biological rhythm. Many studies today show that our circadian rhythms are disrupted by exposure to blue light – that of screens and most artificial lighting – in the evening or at night.

Sleepy, irritable, less patient, less focused: the lack of sleep affects quality of life and health. And on health.

We don’t want to play with your sleep, but help you fall into it.

Solutions to fall asleep better exist

Perhaps you are one of the 10 million French people who have already used sleeping pills. Perhaps you would have liked to try sophrology, breathing and relaxation exercises, but these seem restrictive, expensive, or difficult to implement well on a daily basis?

It’s up to you to find what works best for your body.

With Helight ™ Sleep, we help you reconnect to a completely natural process of falling asleep. By the simple press of a button.

Helight™ Sleep

What is Helight ™ Sleep?

Ever since the dawn of time, sunset has been the universal signal for falling asleep.

Recent scientific discoveries demonstrate that red is the component of the natural light spectrum emitted by sunset that is most beneficial to falling asleep. So we reproduced it.

Helight ™ Sleep is the first solution in the world to diffuse pure 630 nanometers red light to promote sleep.

A sleep aid solution:

  • natural and physiological
  • without any side effects
  • very easy to use: a tap on the red button is all you need to do. No need to open an app or focus on your breathing. You don’t have to change anything in your evening routine.
  • serious, bases its effectiveness on scientific evidence.

Helight ™ Sleep thus helps to improve the quality of sleep while reducing the negative consequences of blue light from screens to which we are increasingly exposed.

Helight™ Sleep

How it works ?

The red light emitted by the Helight ™ Sleep is not just any light: it is precisely calibrated to reproduce the universal signal of falling asleep announcing the end of the active period of the day.

The Helight ™ Sleep device provides light for falling asleep. It acts on specific receptors which have an action on alertness and concentration and do not disturb your retinal cells, nor the secretion of melatonin. On the contrary, we have designed it to help you regain your biological and natural rhythm. To fall asleep better, with ease.

A simple, non-invasive, natural product

Helight ™ Sleep integrates itself to your routine without disturbing it: it’s natural and without constraint.
Non-invasive: just turn on the light before you go to sleep – that’s it!
Respectful of your body: nothing chemical or electronic designed to “trick” the brain.
No side effects: the mechanism is natural and fits into your life without changing your habits.
Portable: Helight ™ Sleep is barely larger than a beach pebble and fits in your hand.
Energy efficient: an autonomy of up to 28 nights on a single charge.

The best of biology and technology

At Helight ™, we have been building well-being oriented devices using red light for years.

Our know-how is based on our knowledge in neuroscience and physics, to reproduce the most appropriate light, the closest to the red light emitted by the setting sun.

Not all red lights are created equal!

This is the reason why Helight ™ Sleep, the fruit of many years of development, is patented.

Helight™ Sleep
Helight™ Sleep

Helight™ Sleep

On sale soon

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for everyone, even children
  • Programmable intensity
  • Rechargeable via micro-USB
  • Total duration of a cycle: 28 minutes (14 min, then gradual shutdown)
  • Battery: 1200 mAh Li-ion
  • Autonomy: 28 cycles
  • Full charge time: 3 hours
  • Wavelength: 630nm
  • Power consumption: 5V – 1A (5W)
  • Photobiologicaly risk-free
  • USB cable included
  • Price: 89 € TTC
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Helight™ Sleep

Our study shows that 80% of our users recommend Helight ™ Sleep

As know-how on red light, neuroscience and physics are constantly evolving, we’ve searched what the effects of red light on our sleep might be.

At Helight ™, we like to be sure and that’s why we conducted our own study on Helight ™ Sleep to test its effectiveness.

The results of the study make it possible to identify 3 key points:

60% of usershave reduced their sleep time

75% of users consider Helight ™ useful or even essential to improve their sleep

80% of users recommend it

Hundreds of beta testers have also benefited from the Helight ™ Sleep solution in preview.

If you want to form an opinion, it is best to try it for yourself.

Helight™ Sleep

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