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Helight ™: experts who innovate for the well-being of all


Jean-Marc Moncorger, Ph.D. in cognitive science, who created Helight ™, discovered the potential of red light care when treating a skin lesion. The treatment protocol based on red light therapy prevented the need for surgery. Convinced of the effectiveness of this still little-used technology, he brought together a team of neuroscience and physics researchers to develop the Helight ™ technologybased on scientific grounds.

Jean-Marc Moncorger joined forces with Jérôme Grange, a business school graduate, passionate about innovation and audiovisual technology. After a career in music, cinema and wealth management, he let himself be seduced by the entrepreneurial adventure. Together, they launched Helight ™.

At Helight ™, our culture is deeply rooted in science. We base all our work with a committee of experts and attach great importance to R&D, to continue innovating for the well-being of all.

Our scientific committee is made up of neuroscientists, medical physicists, dermatologists, angiologists, a professor of cancerology and researchers.

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